July 15, 2014


This is day one on the blog so I thought it might be useful to do a bit of an about me so that there is a bit of personality and truths about myself in this blog. Whilst the rest of my posts will mostly be about health and wellness related topics that will hopefully be of benefit to you, this post is purely about odd facts you didn’t know about me.

  1. I hate posing in photos and would rather pull a cheesy grin or special pose (hence the special face in the posts photo).
  2. I am obsessed with honey. It is one of the few things I cannot keep in the house without it being devoured within the hour. In fact, my name in my partner’s phone is ‘honey hooverer.’ I am also obsessed with kale. And green smoothies.
  3. I am terrified of the dark. I run down the hallway when I turn the lights off. I also think the doona keeps me safe at night and would rather sweat and be uncomfortable than part ways with it. I also believe that I am safe from all intruders/monsters of the night if I make my partner sleep on the side of the room that is closest to the door so he gets killed first. I’m pretty loving like that.
  4. I struggle in cold weather (and by cold I mean by Australian standards…12 degrees) yet I am moving to Scotland.
  5. I weigh half of what I used to weigh. I have lost just over 120 pounds.
  6. I believe that factory farming is one of the cruellest forms of animal torture that needs to stop. I urge you to source your meat from organic, free range, and grass fed sources, and seafood that comes from wild caught sources.
  7. Elephants are my favourite animal. I nearly cry every time I see one.
  8. I have an undying love for my dog and I believe that she truly understands me. Sometimes I also believe that she is out to get me. Kind of like how a python sizes people up.
  9. I love trashy reality TV shows.
  10. I used to have a BIG drinking problem. I have since learnt my boundaries with the booze and quite happily can go without or I can now indulge in a few drinks without getting slaughtered and without the guilt.
  11. I used to think people that ran were crazy. I am now one of the crazy people who finds enjoyment in running…and I usually have a creepy, overly happy smile on whilst doing so (or an absolutely devastated face if I’m trying to keep up with someone). I also never used to understand yoga. I disregarded it. I have since learnt that it is not only physically challenging, but it is mentally challenging, and life changing.
  12. For a few months straight (a few years back) I ate nothing put cheese and packaged pasta… I am now 2 years dairy (and processed food) free and thrive on my new lifestyle! I believe the best way to eat is to listen to your body and eat whole and nutritious foods. And also to challenge what you have been told.
  13. The Lion King is my all-time favourite movie. I know every word and I sing along with all the songs…and as a grown adult I still cry when Mufasa dies. Eat, pray, love is my second favourite movie.
  14. I need a lot of alone time.
  15. I am a mummy’s girl. And a daddy’s girl. I love my family and get insanely over protective over them, and moving to the other side of the world is going to be one of the biggest challenges of my life. I think that my overprotectiveness stems from being a Leo. I can also be very stubborn and I like to blame this on my star sign and not on me…
  16. Thai food has to be my favourite cuisine. Turning old favourites into clean and healthy versions has been an exciting (and sometimes terrible) challenge.
  17. I believe we should treat each other (and ourselves) with compassion, kindness and love. I also believe it helps to view things from another person’s perspective.
  18. I’m very quiet and come across as shy when you first meet me however I am simply just a fan of silently observing. Once you get to know me it’s hard to shut me up.
  19. I think poo jokes are the funniest jokes there are.
  20. I have a terrible singing voice yet I bust out a tune whenever possible and don’t mind when people see me in a full blown song and dance… even in the car.

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  1. Tara

    I love this!! Love number 3.. I had to laugh cuz that’s so me! Todd thinks I’m a baby, glad I’m not the only one lol

    1. Cat Elliott Post author

      Haha my partner also thinks I’ve lost the plot most of the time! Just survival instincts haha

  2. Brooke

    What a fabulous, funny and honest read ! 🙂 Love it ! Super excited to watch your journey Cat and all the best with this next chapter in Scotland 🙂 Brooke