2016 – I LOVE YOU.

January 6, 2016


This is one of my 2016 mantras – “In life, if you don’t risk anything, you risk everything.”


So here is to this beautiful year, filled with so much opportunity, abundance, and love. The following are some snippets of love from my journaling over 2015 and my intentions for 2016 – from my heart, now to yours:


Have faith.

Learn from all opportunities – see any failures as lessons.

Remember that you control your emotions, your reactions, and your actions. Choose wisely.

Don’t close your heart off to the world – it really is full of good people.

Don’t let past issues control your future – move forward with grace.

Give love, accept love, and be love.

Forgive yourself and others for past mistakes – holding on is only hurting you.

Remain positive. The universe has your back.

Release things that do not serve you.

Give what you want to receive.

Release the limitations you have set based on what you think you should do, what others think you should do, and what society thinks you should do – do what you want and what you need.

Find happiness within yourself. Constantly work on continuing to better yourself – we are all a work in progress, and we are all students of life. No-one is perfect.

Be kind. Be present. Be aware.

Learn to accept the things that cannot be changed.

Take risks – they pay off (either immediately or in the long run, in some way or another).

Don’t give up on your dreams. Ever.

See every day as a gift – your life is a gift. 

Don’t be a victim in your own life. Be a goddess, a warrior, and an unbreakable force not to be messed with.

Always look after your self – you are important. Treat your body like the temple it is.

Don’t put off doing what is important. Take charge, be in control, and be productive.

Always take time out for yourself – relax, read a book, have baths, nourish yourself with good food, laugh, meditate, do yoga, just be.

Nurture your relationships.

Live simply and live light.


And remember you are special, beautiful, unique, and loved. Oh so loved. Repeat that every single day.


P.s. I would love to share some 2016 love with you – for those of you in Australia check out my retreat and for those of you who cannot make it but still want to inject more goodness in to 2016 check out my online program (and use the code ‘youareloved’ to get all my ebooks free and £15 off).

Sending you light and love and wishing for you to be happy and well this year.