December 8, 2015

PicMonkey travel

I tend to do a lot of travelling. I’m very fortunate to be so close to Europe and when cheap flights come up it’s a hard one to pass by (especially coming from Australia I’m trying to see as much over this side of the world as I can). I used to travel with a lot of unnecessary stuff, and ended up only using a couple outfits. So over time I learnt to cull, multi-wear, and minimize my bag to a small backpack. Below is my top 6 things I travel with everywhere. 


1. Dry body brush (learn more about it in this article on reducing ‘cellulite’  or my ‘morning rituals’). It’s a god send – it makes your skin feel revitalized after long days, kinda feels like a massage, gives you some time to focus on yourself and practice present moment awareness and self love, removes dead skin cells, helps with removing excess water, toxins, breaks down fat, reduces the appearance of cellulite. and makes you feel fresh. My brush goes everywhere with me.

2. Dr Bronners Castile soap bars. This soap is a lifesaver. It’s all organic, natural, toxic free, and smells great from the essential oils in it (I also travel with essential oils but more on that another day). It works as a body soap, a shampoo, a clothes detergent, and leaves your skin feeling hydrated. Plus the portability of it for so many different uses makes it a travellers dream companion.

3. A healthy breakfast option. I usually carry some easy fruit like bananas or apples in my bag and a nut/seed bar (all natural, sugar free, organic, vegan and paleo) – this keeps me feeling full for hours and keeps me in a healthy mind frame all day.

4. Water. Travelling can be tough on the body so staying hydrated is key to keep your body regular & keep you feeling balanced. I carry a glass jar also and a selection of herbal teas in my bag and if there’s no kettle I just put a tea bag in filtered water over night and have a cold tea the next morning- an easy way to get all the benefits of herbal teas while on the go (you can also just pop one in your bottle for the day).

5. Earphones & a book. It may be an easy one to forget, but being able to tune out for some alone time with some calming music or a book in busy places is key. Plus earphones really helps with being able to meditate basically anywhere.

6. Good shoes. For me I no longer travel with much more than what fits in half a small backpack (leaving room for all my food I carry too – my bag gets lighter as my travels progress 😉 ) so my shoe option is basically runners. Being comfortable is a must especially when you’re trekking about cities racking up around 10+kilometers and being on your feet for most of the day (plus it keeps your feet warm especially through cold Europe!).


Minimalism while travelling is key. Whatever you think you’ll need or wear, pack then take at least half out. And you’ll be surprised if you even use that much. Reevaluate how many items you need, and learn the art of travelling bare, wearing the same outfits (I’ve been in the same jacket and jeans this whole trip, but who really cares?), washing clothes in sinks, and using things for multiple purposes.


Got some travel tips pop them below(also check out my other article on travel tips here)!!!


Ps there’s a website called happycow which helps you source out healthy & often organic (plus vegan options) places to eat wherever you are – it’s my go to whenever I arrive somewhere to find restaurants and healthy stores to restock my bag of goodies while out and about to make perfect picnic feasts – my favourite way to eat and see places is eating outside – forever a foodie.


Love and light to you,