Hello you Beautiful Soul!


I am so glad you are here and (contemplating) allowing me to be a part of your journey – I am already so honoured and grateful for that.

My name is Cat and I’m an Aussie who’s wandering about our beautiful globe – currently in Carlingford, Ireland. I am a Health & Nutrition Coach, Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Transformation Expert.  My mission is to help you discover a way of eating and living that fits in with your principles, your life, and your body. I also want to help you find your way home – to that place inside yourself where you feel immeasurable love, compassion, and kindness (especially to yourself).

I am obsessed with eating delicious and nutritious food and want to help you discover how simple eating well and cooking can be. What seems to surprise most people is that I haven’t always been healthy or even happy. I was in fact for a large portion of my life obese, addicted to booze and pain killers, severely depressed, had mood swings like you couldn’t imagine – probably due to my hangovers, binge eating, and being fuelled by junk food – and was stuck in a job I thought “I had to” pursue as a Psychologist even though it made me stressed, unhappy, and in turn very unhealthy. But I eventually faced my self-sabotaging habits and took control; mostly out of fear of heading for an early grave. It was a journey of so many different turns, corners, and backwards loops, but after finally letting go of my need to control what was I happening along the way so much, I allowed myself to be who I truly am and not who I thought I was “supposed” to be. 


I’m now a happy, loving, and healthy yogini, runner (although my speed dictates me a jogger), converted veggie hater to veggie lover, published writer (on numerous sites including MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal, and Huffington Post), have created my own detox program, a healthy cookbook, and full wellness revolution lifestyle overhaul program, hiker, travel obsessed dog lover, and promoter of love, peace, and compassion. I’m also an annoying ‘morning person’… something I never thought I could have been five years ago.

I know how difficult and  frustrating it can be to try and transform your life: Because I have been there and I want to help you through it in the easiest way possible.


When I first set out to change my diet and lifestyle, I felt confused, lost, and frustrated (perhaps like you feel now) with so many differing opinions on what’s good and what’s bad, what works and what doesn’t work.. and then going round in circles trying to decide what to believe.

What I learnt was that no one way of eating is suitable for everyone, as everyone is different.

I also learnt that things don’t need to be difficult or overwhelming. Because of this I have set up my health coaching business and programs to help you get your health back on track (or starting from scratch!) minus the gimmicks, the fad diets, the pills, and the overly complicated and unnecessary hurdles. I like things to be understandable, not a load of scientific jargon leaving you scratching your head wondering what on earth is going on.



I have lost over 120 pounds (that pic is me a few years apart) and I am living proof that you can do anything you put your mind to, and that if you truly want to change, then you can. The saying “if I can do it, then anyone can,” could not ring truer here.

I know the ins and outs of weight loss and the mental, physical, and challenging experiences that accompany it. Because of this I want to help you reach your goals in the simplest and most effective and permanent way possible.  

So if you want to get healthy, lose weight, work on self-love and acceptance, solve your painful digestive issues (like constant bloating), or you have issues with your relationship to food and dieting, and you want to overcome this in the most loving, simple, individually focused, straight forward way, then I’m your girl.

I genuinely want to help you and care about you succeeding (check out some reviews here), so pop over to the Facebook page, or contact me if you have any questions. I would love to have you join my tribe and join the Wellness Revolution. 

I truly would.

Light and Love, Cat x