January 25, 2016

acai bowl
Acai bowls have been taking front and center stage over the last couple years… and for good reason. They taste good, they are loaded with anti-oxidants and are considered a superfood, and they make smoothie time a little more exciting. But when you get them when eating out you pay around $10 or more for a decent one and they are usually made with too much sugar (albeit from fruit sources like apple juice, watermelon, and bananas – but too much fruit for one sitting). When you make these at home you control what goes in, what your taste buds want, and you cut the cost right down.


So how do you make one? It’s beyond simple.


Make your smoothie base with about half the amount of normal water (about 1/2 cup), add loads of ice (about a cup;; or none if you use a frozen acai brick), and make a smoothie (I often minimize how much fruit is in the base as you end up topping it with fruit)… For example the base for the one above is:

1 chopped apple

1 tsp turmeric powder

handful of baby spinach

1/2 TBsp of chia seeds

1 TBsp Acai powder (or one acai brick – removing ice if using this)

water and ice


Blend the above, pour in to a bowl and top with any goodies. I’ve used raw chocolate, cranberries, chia, and half a kiwi – but feel free to add whatever you’ve got (shredded coconut goes well!).


Enjoy beauties!


P.s for those of you coming to the retreat (or thinking about it) there will be some epic smoothie bowls happening there too!!

With Love,