January 31, 2016

12615682_937680502984414_6580862466646459831_oOne of my greatest joys is finding healthy and natural alternatives to modern medicine. This following recipe was given to me during my yoga teacher training by one of my teachers who practiced as an Ayurvedic Priest and spends a large chunk of his year obtaining super beneficial knowledge like this one below.

Not only does this concoction help with reducing bloating, aiding digestion (leading to better and more regulated bowel movements as well as possible weight loss), but it also works as a cure for indigestion.


So how does it do this?

It’s a combination of each of the ingredients working together to become a super powerhouse of goodness.

First there is Ginger. One of the best spices for improving our health, and known worldwide for its soothing effects for an upset tummy and as an anti-inflammatory master. It also helps to stimulate digestion by stimulating saliva, bile and gastric juices to help the body release the proper enzymes to break down our food, in turn making the nutrients more easily absorbed and reducing flatulence and bloating.

Next is Lemons. Lemons work in a very similar way to ginger, and they maximize enzyme function/bile production in the liver and as such aid in the elimination of waste products and toxins from the body with more ease – learn more in this blog post.

Then there is cumin. This spice has been used for centuries in Indian/Ayurvedic Medicine as a diuretic, to soothe and settle stomach upsets, to reduce flatulence, and to aid proper digestion and nutrient absorption due to the compound thymol which stimulates the bodies glands to secrete acids, bile and enzymes  (again similar to lemon and ginger). It’s also rich in iron and contains magnesium – bonus points!

Then the last ingredient is sea salt. This too works with the body to produce the digestive juices needed to digest food more efficiently, plus the lemon and salt work together to work as a natural preserver – meaning this can be stored in the fridge for 1-2 months at least before needing to make another batch.


So how to make it:

Take equal parts grated ginger to lemon juice – approx 1 cup of grated ginger to 1 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice (pulp included – approx 4 lemons to 4-5 inches of ginger root).

Then, per cup of each of the above add 4 tsp of cumin seeds lightly crushed to release the oil inside the seeds (using a mortar and pestle to help release the cumins goodness whilst keeping it fresh) along with 2 tsp sea salt.

Stir all together and store in a glass jar in the fridge.



How to take:

Take one teaspoonful 15 mins before eating each main meal to help with digestion by stimulating the body to release the digestive juices needed.

For indigestion this works a treat – simply take one spoonful and wait. If after 30 mins your indigestion hasn’t eased have one more spoonful.

As always speak to your doctor 🙂

I cant wait to share some ayurvedic basics in the workshops at this retreat, or for those who can’t attend theres also some ayurvedic goodness in my online program.


Much Love,