October 22, 2014


Prunes are often given a bad reputation as the idea of eating them is often linked to unattractive constipation thoughts followed by the opposite of constipation thoughts. Yep Poo. And whilst I could make a whole blog post about how good fibre loaded food is for you and your digestive health, I best get on with why eating prunes can help you lose weight, and hopefully change the negative image you may have when you think of prunes.

Prunes are dried plums (perhaps start referring to them as this to change your image of them?). They are dense in nutrients, anti-oxidants (which have been linked to slowing and repairing cell and tissue damage), and fibre (which keeps hunger at bay) AND they taste amazing too! Not overly sweet, but sweet enough to cure my sweet cravings.

We are often told to stay away from dried fruit because they are loaded with sugar and will halt your weight loss efforts, however, research from Liverpool University has shown that when it comes to prunes there is actually a positive link to significant weight loss when you eat around 2 handfuls/12 prunes a day, compared to eating no prunes.

I was overly excited when I learnt this, and after my own experimentation with the inclusion of prunes in my diet (because I like to do my own mini experiments with things before I take someone else’s word for it), I am happy to report I also found they helped make my recent weight loss (read about that here) much easier.

So I urge you not to let the negative stigma that dried fruit has, nor the negative image that prunes have been branded with, stop you from including prunes in you diet. Use prunes as a mid morning or arvo snack to aid as a natural appetite suppressant, add them to your baking, throw them into savoury salads, or use them in your smoothies. I also like breaking them in half and sticking some nut butter in and putting them back together kinda like a sandwich. A really really tasty, weight loss promoting sandwich.

Also, when you purchase prunes makes sure they are dried without any additives so you get all the benefits minus the nasties (because you deserve the best).

However, a word of warning just ease in to eating them as they can make you rush to the loo if you jump in to eating two handfuls from eating none.
Had any experience? Let me know below.

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  1. Juwairia Nadeem

    Hey, I’m really stuck in losing weight, everything I’ve tried is not helping me lose weight, I’ve read some of your pages and I will try to do some of the things you’ve said to me. I’m really fat and my BMI is really high.. please could you help me?

    1. Cat Elliott Post author

      Hi Juwairia,

      I understand where you are coming from. I have been there myself, which is why I started this blog and my programs to help others.
      I would love to help guide and support you and make sure you get on track to reaching your goals. Have you thought about or looked at my program on here ( It goes in to a lot of detail and guides you through everything you need to know. I can answer any questions you have if you like.

      Ps. I Apologise for the delay in replying as this message came through an older comment plugin I was not notified.

      Cat x