July 21, 2016


Like your dinners simple, healthy, clean & made in under 10mins? You are going to love this one: Vegan Teriyaki Aubergine fry-up.

Serves 2


1 eggplant/aubergine diced
1 cup mushrooms diced
1 beetroot diced
3 handfuls kale
1 cup of mixed beans/quinoa (I’ve always got a bunch or quinoa and black beans cooked for meals made at the last minute)
BUT as always, use any veggies you’ve got and get creative

1-2 Tbsp Buko sea salt coconut jam (if you can’t get this sub it 1 part coconut oil to coconut nectar/rice malt/or honey for non vegan)
2 Tbsp tamari
1/2 tbsp mixed herbs
Cayenne to taste
2 Tbsp Apple cider vinegar

How to (on the video):

1. Heat the Buko jam till melted over medium-high heat
2. Add eggplant and soften for 4 mins
3. Add mushrooms and cook 2 mins
4. Add beetroot, quinoa, beans and tamari, then stir and add the kale to wilt for 2 mins.
5. Add ACV, herbs and spices and stir to mix.
6. Serve and Enjoy!

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With Love,