January 27, 2016

12514045_934270816658716_3782891247351627578_oA few days ago I was walking down a street randomly in Spain, I paused for the slightest of milliseconds to glance at a gigantic bag of potatoes. I walked a few more meters to the corner of the block to hear one of the loudest thuds and smashes I’ve heard as a huge glass object with metal inside it smashed at my feet.


Either falling from the top of the multi-story building next to me, or gosh knows where, I remained in shock for hours and considered myself beyond lucky that it wasn’t my time and somehow the object didn’t take me out. Someone or something was watching over me and something stopped me just in time. While my language was somewhat unladylike like and my face remained like a deer in the headlights for the rest of the day, it helped ground me and take noted that this very moment and every single moment is beyond precious. Had my body been a few cms further forward on that path things would’ve been very different.


Our lives are a gift and my gosh we need to be thankful for them.


There’s been a few close calls in my life, and many in those around me (some of which my family were taken off flights and placed on later ones due to overbooking only to have the earlier flight crash) which makes me believe in the idea of divine timing and makes me thankful that my number isn’t up just yet. It makes my heart burst with love and happiness that I get to share my life with those around me and makes me want to make the most of every single day and help other souls do the same.


So, on this occasion, here’s to that gigantic bag of potatoes for distracting me (& whoever has got my back), stopping me getting a belting on the head, and keeping me filled with love, peace, present moment awareness, and a whole lot of gratitude.


May simple moments like these make us stop worrying what anyone else thinks of us, stop us trying to please everyone, make us not hold back our personality and beautiful uniqueness for fear of judgement or trying to fit in, and let us be ourselves, love ourselves, do the things we want, live boldly and brightly, let our quirky fun side show, face our fears, and be confident and true to ourselves.



Let simple days be special days because you never know when it is your last – so burn the ‘special’ candles, use the nice sheets, get out the good dining sets, wear the fancy lingerie (even if it is just for you), use the special bath salts, and stop saving material things for special occasions. Today is special and you are special – this moment, and every other, is enough.


May we always embrace life. In every single moment.



With so much friggin’ Love, Happiness, and Good Vibes being sent to you,