March 29, 2015

10320611_787873757965090_858714387269332102_nThe biggest problem is hear from most people when they want to start eating well, losing weight, and exercising is they simple don’t know where, or how to start. Or worse, they get the hang of it and 3 months later they fall off track (has this ever happened to you).

I don’t want you to be another failed statistic, and I don’t want it to be difficult for you to get the life you deserve. That’s why I have designed the Wellness Revolution Program to help you make permanent changes last by starting right at the beginning. This program is made for a lifetime. Its not just about exercise or eating well. It’s about living a truly authentic and honest life to you and for you.


Below is an outline of what each step entails, or head over here to read more – you’ll see that every base (and more than you could ever imagine is covered). Jump on to the Early Registration package and start your new life today – I am so excited to help lead you on your new life!


Step 1: Welcome, Goal setting, and your first Breakfast Experiment

Week one is all about preparing you mentally for the coming weeks. We will set goals, reflect on your past, and get you to start tuning in to your gut by eating a different breakfast option for the first seven days to find out what your body loves best.


Step 2: Digestion and Self-Love

This week is all about Digestion and beginning to accept yourself. You’ll be activating nuts (uh-huh!), fermenting veggies, making bone broth, learning how not to get gas (win!), visualising your dreams, chewing food (in case you already weren’t..) and beginning your self-love journey. You’ll also learn about drinking water and why sometimes too much of a good thing can be a bad thing…


Step 3: Whole Foods. Greens. Veggies. Fruits. Grains… and what the heck is Gluten?

Sounds simple and straight forward right? You’ll learn about what fruits shouldn’t be combined with what veggies, how to cook beans from scratch, how to eat a mainly plant based diet and still get enough nutrients (don’t worry your meat comes back in to the limelight next week). What grains are best for some people and your top grain alternatives, plus what on earth Gluten is and why people go ‘Gluten free’ and learn if it is something that may be suitable for you.


Step 4: Protein & Dairy Alternatives, plus some Herbs & Spices to Heat things up.

Ever had a nasty ‘protein fart’ or struggle with feeling sluggish after eating meat? This modules all about you. You’ll learn about the best protein alternatives, figuring out which ones and how much suit your body, plus the tastiest dairy-free milk options (and homemade ice-cream, sans the painful messy machines and junky additives, to keep you happy and fulfilled). Plus you’ll get the run down on the best herbs and spices to jazz up any bland dish.


Step 5: Sugar addiction and Sweet superfoods!

This week we delve in to sugar (and sugar alternatives) addiction. You’ll be guided through giving up sugar, maintaining a stable blood sugar level, and getting your nerd hats on. You’ll be getting to enjoy so many delicious superfoods that any sugar withdrawal tantrums will be outshined with your new alternatives (you may even get those kiddies or wary partners of yours on-board).


Step 6: Eat Fat, lose fat plus De-Coding tricky Marketing Labels

Fat, fat, glorious fat (not that shitty kind you find at the local take-away joint btw). We are talking avocados, coconuts, nuts, fatty fish, and all that tasty creamy goodness that will make you forget about anything deep-friend and processed. We also take a look at the biggest marketing scams you find in the supermarkets, what to look out for on labels (and the hidden names of the worst offending ingredients), and we look at the options for organic food vs conventionally grown foods.


Step 7: Booty Shakin’ Time, Getting some sun rays plus balancing your Inner Ecosystem

It would be super difficult if I sprung exercise on you right at the beginning when you were feeling flat, and not so energetic, hence why I’ve kept the main lump of this till now (that doesn’t mean to say you couldn’t exercise before this, just that this is a slow and steady journey where your foundations are being laid for permanency, not just a quick fix). This week we start getting more exercise in to your life and in fun ways, we look at Vitamin D deficiencies plus the pros and cons of supplementation, and finally finish on looking at balancing out your body’s Ph levels with looking at foods that are Acidic vs Alkaline.


Step 8: Finding Peace

Mindfulness and meditation go perfectly together and this week we will be experimenting with the two of these. We will also look at facing your fears through both a mindfulness and meditation practice. And best part is, if you are anything like me, you’ll have options to meditate that don’t involve sitting still and ohming… because not all of us are capable of this. Finding peace also involves making sure your body and the food you eat isn’t working against you so we will also look at the energetics of food to ensure you are eating the right stuff (and the right kinds for your body) at the right times.


Step 9: Naturally beautiful and clean, plus really zonking out

This week is all about making sure that your new healthy, clean, and glorious body isn’t being ‘toxi-fied’ by nasty chemicals in your external environment. We will be looking at natural beauty habits, products, and alternatives, plus the best natural (and hygienic!) cleaning options for your little home sanctuary. We will also look at making sure you are getting the perfect nights rest.


Step 10: Dream Big, Maintenance, plus 4 Bonus Steps

Celebrations are in order beautiful! It’s the final step here (or is it…). We will look at all the necessary practises and skills you need to keep all your changes permanent, reflect on how far you have come, plus you’ll gain access to 4 whole new and exclusive modules that you have the option of going through at a later date when you feel like you could do with some more exciting information to delve your hungry hands on.