The 120 Cleanse Cookbook & Clean Eating Guide Package + FREE GIFTS

November 24, 2014

The 120 Cleanse is not just an eBook. It is a complete 150+ page package full of resources to help you transform you body and your lifestyle with delicious REAL food. This complete resource contains all the tips, tricks, & principles I personally used to lose 120 pounds & that I have learnt as a Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and former Psychologist. It includes a 14 day meal plan, a green smoothie guide, a super food guide, a clean eating guide & a cookbook. Your cookbook contains 89 recipes that are dairy free, grain free, minimizes the use of meat, and of course are refined sugar free. Also, 95% of the recipes provide vegan options! There’s breakfasts, smoothies, basics (like bread & milk), mains, desserts (so many desserts!!), sauces, spreads, & savoury goodies. Change your life today.

To get your life transforming, this is an Instant Download (you will also receive an email that has a link to your downloads). It is also safely processed through PayPal.