January 16, 2015


For me I share my story and my knowledge to help others live healthier happier lives. To do this i choose to be as open and honest as I can. And in doing this I have accepted that eventually I’ll come across nasty comments (something which I was yet to really see other than the odd comment) which has meant I have had to develop a thick skin – these comments which would have upset me a couple years ago and made me sad and want to give up sharing my story and hide have actually made me laugh and then feel a little concerned for those writing them.


Behind computers people can be harsh as a way to help themselves feel better or to get some emotions out. Sad but true.


Recently I saw that yahoo has shared a story from everyday health I did and there were some really positive and lovely comments but there were also some harsh ones like these:


“To get interest from a man she didn’t need to lose weight. A paper bag with one hole in it will do the trick.”


“While I applaud her ‘determination’ to be healthier – the “skinny” picture does not look like a healthier person”


“Eat a sandwich crazy”


“Her diets poor”


“You look better fat”


“She’s too skinny she needs to gain weight”


“Real women are supposed to be fat.”


These sort of comments saying I don’t look healthy, I’m still too fat, I’m too skinny, that it was only to get sexual interest (when a bag over my head would have sufficed), and that I’m better looking fat, whilst harsh, have enabled me to actually lift myself up and feel stronger emotionally and have reminded me that I have never felt or looked better, I am strong, I am fit, i smile, I have energy, I have added years to my life, and above all I am HAPPY, PROUD, and HEALTHY!!!!!! – and these are things I know and feel – nobody’s words can change that or take it away. So what I want to say to them is a big giant………


“Are you okay buddy?!?!?”


So why am I sharing this with you? I want you to know that if and when people start to say negative things about you, your body, and your journey, ignore them – that shit they’re saying ain’t true, it is their problem and that’s a reflection on them not you.


Don’t let their negativity rub off on you – rise up, smile, and either choose to ignore them, or try to help them.


You are brilliant, smart, loving, and beautiful regardless of what someone else thinks. You are allowed to feel good and proud about yourself, as you are.


Let me know below – Have you had any similar reactions from people and how did you deal with it?


With Love,