August 27, 2015

HeartopeningWhen I made the choice to change my lifestyle in order to lose weight I assumed the biggest challenge I would face was what I could eat. Rather than depriving myself I learnt that sustainable weight loss was about finding healthier alternatives and not depriving myself; like swapping bowls of deep fried chips for home baked sweet potato chips, or rice for cauliflower rice, and swapping frozen processed apple pies and with delicious raw desserts. The food part seemed to come quite easy to me, and once I finally got that under control I realised I needed to look at other things that popped up in my daily life (like getting shit faced of a weekend and avoiding facing any mental demons) that were halting the progress of my health and wellness journey.



For example in my life I swapped:

Drunken messy dancing for getting upside down in yoga.

Passing out on random lawns for willingly taking siestas under trees.

Reckless behaviour (that I’m surprised didn’t end worse) for facing my fears.

Not letting anyone get too close to me to allowing myself to be raw, open, and honest with those closest to me.

Torturing my body with the latest fad diets and workout routines for moving and eating in a way that makes me feel good.

Decisions that made me lose friends for decisions that led to unbreakable friendships.

 Drunken ‘toilet pals’ in nightclubs for deep soul nourishing friendships.

Hiding in bed in darkness with hangovers for Sundays spent outdoors.

Shots of tequila way too early in the day for shots of Apple Cider Vinegar first thing of a morning.

Validating myself by what I wore/my latest purchase (and others opinions) for finding my own sense of inner worth.

Getting high off energy drinks for getting high on life (and green tea).

Numbing my thoughts and feelings with pain killers for working through my shit.

Materialism for minimalism.

Turning up to a job I hated stinking of ‘last-nights’ booze to running a business and having a career I adore.

Blacking out and having no recollection of the night before for making irreplaceable memories.

Waking up with guilt and shame for waking up with love and excitement.

 Showers spent washing vomit out of my hair for showers spent practicing hydrotherapy.

Self-harming for self-loving.

Apologizing for my actions for being proud of my decisions.

Bingeing out at kebab shops at 4am for intuitively eating what my body wants and needs at the local organic store.

Judging and hating on myself for learning to discover and accept who I actually am.

Guzzling bottles (yes plural) of wine on weekdays for bottles of Kombucha and coconuts.

Deep depression and anxiety for happiness and love.

Being unproductive in my daily life to kicking the ass out of my to-do lists.

 The amount of money spent on one booze weekend for getting to explore new countries.

Not worrying about helping others to wanting to make others lives easier.

Not showing up in my life for finally feeling complete and worthy of my life.



And it all got started with swapping my habit of eating processed junk for home cooked nourishing meals.


I challenge you to face the things that are unique to your life that you may want to change. Begin by making small positive changes; like changing your food to healthier options because this not only fuels you with goodness, but it also reinforces to you how capable (and worthy) you are of making decisions and changes in your life. It may seem hard at first, but with time and persistence it gets easier and becomes second nature. With every good decision comes more faith and self-belief.



Do not try to change everything at once – when you feel like you have certain areas sorted in your life gradually look at improving the other areas. You don’t want to throw too much your way and then feel like you are drowning in a seemingly impossible load of expectations.



It doesn’t happen overnight – Take your journey one day at a time (this program is all about that – Jump on it now whilst I’m still offering all my eBooks free and let me personally guide you!!). You will get there.



With Love,