January 10, 2015

spirulinaIf you had told me 3 or 4 years ago that I would be taking shots of spirulina, wheatgrass, and other super goodies, WILLINGLY, you probably would’ve been met with a shot of tequila being thrown in your face and a lemon wedge not too far behind. To think that that the turn around from booze head to health nerd could happen to me still sometimes surprises me (whilst making me very, very happy at the same time). I’m not going to lie to you…whilst I don’t enjoy the taste of spirulina (nor did I enjoy the taste of tequila mind you, in fact who really does?!) I do enjoy what it gives me and how it makes me feel. And similar to tequila, once you get that shit down, it’s not too long before the buzz comes.


Spirulina is a blue-green algae plant that has been used for centuries as a potent superfood that is loaded with vitamins and minerals. But what’s so great about Spirulina that would make you want to drink this pond like smelling stuff you may ask (I’m probably not giving Spirulina a good reputation so far, but hang in there it’s about to get real good, real fast!)?

  • At around 60 – 70% protein content, Spirulina has more protein than meat (which is only around 22-23% protein).
  • There have been studies linking Spirulina to reducing the risk of cancer.
  • It helps with allergies – such as sneezing, itching, congestion, and runny noses.
  • It is beneficial for encouraging and supporting the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut
  • Some studies have even gone so far as to say spirulina can help to deactivate the AIDS and HIV viruses.
  • It gives you an energy boost.
  • It boosts your immune system.
  • It helps to balance blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • And it helps to lower the risk of stroke.


So, now that you are convinced (I’m gonna go ahead and assume this), how can you take spirulina?

Each brand varies and depending on the type of spirulina form you get will alter your dosage. For me, I use the powder as I find this works best for me (however you can get tablets too), and I use 1 tsp in a glass of water (you can add to smoothies or juice but I like getting the flavour over with) of a morning when I feel sluggish, or before and after workouts to help boost my energy levels and my recovery. Read the labels on what you purchase and get the best quality possible.


Do you use Spirulina? Let me know below.

With Love,