December 16, 2014


You’ve probably heard Teflon non-stick cooking products get slammed of late because of its possible cancer causing and hormones disrupting nasty toxins and chemicals that leach in to your food, but perhaps you haven’t made the switch just yet to more natural and healthy alternatives because you’re just so confused where to start. I know I was – but making the swap is crucial in order to make sure you, and your family, are getting the best quality food (minus any nasty unexpected additives) and are not wasting any of your food by cooking it in toxic chemicals.

There’s plenty of alternatives from “typical” non-stick Teflon options, including ceramic, cast-iron, glassware, stone based, and copper lined with stainless steel, but which ones out-rank the others, and which ones are a load of crock (see what I did there?).

Here’s my top 5 alternatives in order of preference:

1. Ceramic: This has to be my favourite. It heats evenly, cleans even easier, foods don’t stick, they don’t scratch, and they don’t leach any nasties into your food. Their only downfall is if you drop your pan you can risk the ceramic breaking and needing to get a new one.

2. Cast Iron: Yep the handy old pans that get passed down generation to generation. Although they require needing to be seasoned (or you can purchase pre-seasoned or enamel coated ones however this comes with quite a hefty price tag), and you cant scrub away with soap (instead best to use boiling water to clean), these pans evenly distribute heat, are made to last, and they are affordable – there’s a reason why your grandma (and probably her grandma) used these.

3. Glass Cookware: These are perfect for baking foods, desserts, and roasting vegetables in the oven and then being able to store leftovers in the same container in the fridge. Win-win. Also most glass dishes are relatively cheap and their only down-fall is they break when dropped (which is a problem is you’re prone to clumsiness like myself).

4. Stone-Based: perfect for use in the oven these bad boys are a great alternative to nasty aluminium baking and cooking trays and tins (or worse those silicon ones!).

5. Copper Pans: these have amazing heat properties, BUT if you are going to opt for copper pans you need to get ones that are lined with stainless steel as when copper pans are exposed to certain foods (acidic) and heat (like nasty aluminium) they can leach toxic chemicals from the metal in to your food. Something you definitely don’t want. These are last on the list as they tend to be the most expensive and other options above tend to out-trump these.


So what’s your stance on cookware? Got a comment? I’d love to hear it.

With Love,