November 12, 2015

yogini2This year has gone by in a flash. So much has happened, and yet at the same time it feels like nothing has changed.


Christmas will be upon us in a mere 6 weeks, then comes New Years, and then the New Years resolutions (sometimes placing so much unachievable pressure on us), and before we know it, it will be the middle of another year. Again.


The issue with this is that often we can let life pass us by. I have been subject to this way too many times. Waiting for the next holiday, the next summer, the next milestone… instead of just living in the here and now and enjoying the journey that is life – in all its ups and downs.


But I recently learnt how to stop this repetitive (and somewhat destructive) behaviour.


Life is not meant to be wished away or simply lived just for the high moments. Even more importantly, life is not meant to only be enjoyed when you reach a certain goal:


“I will be happy when I weigh X,” “I will treat myself to time out when I get that promotion,” “If I can get so and so to like me that will mean I am worthy,” “If I do this then it means I am a good person,” “I will be pretty if I just..” “I will be happy if I eat that chocolate bar..”The list could go on and on.


By reinforcing this ‘if’ behaviour you reinforce negative patterns of unworthiness for you living your life, until you reach some goal – and then when you reach that goal you’ll more than likely constantly keep putting more demands on yourself (trust me I was a master at this) and find that by seeking happiness through some kind of external behaviour or scenario that happiness never comes. Because happiness isn’t attainable through a set of rigid circumstances.


If you are truly after happiness, then just let it be. Let yourself be.


Today, this very moment, is just as important as any other day. Repeat that. Every single day, every single morning.


Live to your fullest potential. Right now. Make the conscious shift in your thought patterns to begin living and thinking this way.

Embrace all your opportunities.

Stop placing so much pressure and unattainable expectations on yourself (or others).

Love unconditionally.

Appreciate the beautiful life you have (even if it sometimes seems chaotic or messy).

Give to others and give to yourself.

Allow yourself time to breathe and be who you are. Right now. As you are. Because you are perfectly uniquely you.

Don’t wait. Your time is precious.

Stop seeking from external sources – and learn to seek from within. I promise you what you are looking for is there (and I can help guide you and unlock it & so much more through this).



If this resonates with you, leave me a comment below – I love hearing from you. And if you would like to join me on my retreat in May 2016 for 5 days of unlocking your inner bliss and true nature contact me soon before the last places fill – I would be oh so honoured.


Love and Light,