February 29, 2016


“To truly ignite your passion, you have to be willing to take a risk. Be it emotional, spiritual, mental, or physical. By opening yourself up to a new experience, you will find yourself.” ~ Craig Laudicina

To try & even explain this moment in this photo and my time last year in Bali is near impossible, but I’ll give it a go: This moment in Bali broke me completely & rebuilt me at the same time. It was intense to say the least.


Surrounded by hundreds of people on a sacred day in a very sacred space I wept publicly for everything that had been, everything that could have been, & everything that seemed Unknown & overwhelming.


Releasing my past demons, my mistakes, my resentments, my anger & hatred towards myself that I had been bottling up, I allowed myself to cry shamelessly and openly as onlookers just let me be (& some kindly smiling) in this moment, as though it was a normal ritual for this spiritual space & time. The holy water there in Tirta Empul Temple to wash everything away, to symbolize a clean slate.


Bali was a place & time I will never forget (read a little more here)I learnt how to love myself, I learnt how to be self-sufficient, & I learnt who I was.


“Sometimes you have to crack open so
your light can shine out.” 
~ Kristi Blicharski

If we refuse to face our biggest fears, mistakes (‘lessons’) & demons we can never fully heal – Nothing is ever a failure or a mistake if you are willing & capable of learning & growing from it.


We often have years, if not decades of built up & suppressed emotions & until we fully face these & tear down our walls openly, rawly, & with acceptance for ourselves as human beings who deserve our own love & kindness we can never really heal. We need to surrender to everything & feel it all in order to heal it all. You are so capable of living the life you deserve. You are perfectly imperfectly perfect. You are beautiful. You are unique, authentic, courageous, & outrageously amazing.


Don’t suppress, don’t hold back, don’t put your feelings or life on hold – be yourself openly, without holding back, without censoring, & without shame.


What’s the point of this post? Encouraging you to make the time and space in your life to face everything – the deepest insecurities & demons need to come to the surface to be released so that we no longer live with any darkness – so our life can be filled with light & we can see our true selves, our true nature.


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by
the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do,
so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch
the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover.” ~ Mark Twain


We need to choose love & compassion in every single moment – especially when it comes to dealing with ourselves.


The only person who controls your actions, thoughts, & feelings is you – choose wisely. Live your life the way you want to & only as yourself – there is no one better (& if you want a guiding hand join me here in person on a lifechanging yoga retreat experience  and if you cant make it check out this online program). And always rely on your soul sisters when you need them – they have your back (we will be creating a special group of like minded goddesses at the retreat in May too).



I love you all. Xx