October 12, 2015

postyogaIt’s been just over a month since I’ve done any blogging, so I felt I should probably update you as to why. I initially went to Bali with the intention of writing every second day or at least twice a week. But what happened was very different.


I felt like I wanted to share everything that happened and how wonderful Bali and my self-journey through the yoga and meditation was. But instead what happened was I allowed myself to just be and absorb everything around me and not worry about needing to work so much. I allowed myself time off and stopped worrying about what would happen, blog statistics, and what the next day would bring (which is huge for me). By doing this I truly learnt to live in the moment, to let things go that no longer served me, to drop the need for material possessions, to stop stressing so much about silly things, body image worries, and I experienced what I can only describe as a life-changing monumental time.


I could not be more grateful or loving for all the beautiful souls I got to share my journey with, my teachers, my friends, my family, my partner for encouraging me to finally take the leap of faith and doing something I had longed to do for the last couple of years, and also for myself for finally braving it (plus to top off my sweet little journey in Bali, I even got to sneak in a quick trip home to surprise my family – which was beyond exciting and soul nourishing – because the moments we share with others are the most important things in life). By undertaking this training and having so much time away from ‘normal’ life I got to see how loved, blessed, and fortunate I am to be surrounded and supported by those I hold nearest and dearest.


In summary, the yoga teacher training was beautiful, but it was also incredibly mentally challenging. I learnt so much about what yoga really is, the traditions, Ayurveda, how strong of a teacher and healer meditation is, how important our own state of inner harmony is, and I was blessed to make beautiful bonds with some amazing goddesses all over the world. But one of the best things to come out of it (apart from become a certified yoga teacher) was that I formed an even stronger and deeper relationship with myself.


I learnt a lot more about self-love, acceptance, and compassion, and to try and describe the internal changes is impossible, and somewhat unnecessary.


Words really do fail to explain what  happened, and I tend to get overwhelmed with emotions when I try, but basically it is this:


I finally came home.


Home is an internal place where there is just so much overwhelming love, compassion, bliss, and peace for yourself and for everyone around you. Sometimes we are even lucky enough to leave a piece of our home in others hearts – and for my beautiful family and partner you are my home.


I could not be more overwhelmed with joy and love to share this more with you over the coming months and years (and I will be providing so much of what I learnt to further help you in this).


So here is to continual growth, love, learning, compassion, peace, and finding and nourishing your home. And always living in the now.


Love and Light,