March 14, 2015


It is time for a revolution.



You are here on this page right now for a reason. Perhaps you want to change your life, your body, your relationship with food, or the way you feel. Or perhaps it’s all four of these reasons. And guess what, it’s time for a revolution. A Wellness Revolution.

No more quick fixes, crash diets, crazy stressful schedules and weighing this and that. This is a revolution in the way typical wellness is delivered. And this is all about you. This is your chance to change your life and live it how you want, and The Wellness Revolution Program could be your key to your future.


So I want you to take a deep breath, be open, be honest, be loving, and ask yourself these following questions:


  • Have you ever been on a diet but found yourself frustrated or upset that you couldn’t stick to it and all its crazy restrictions?
  • Or perhaps you’re the kind of person who’s tried nearly everything and nothing works?
  • Are you confused by all the latest health foods and trends that you keep reading or hear everyone talking about?
  • Do you want to begin your health and wellness journey from the beginning and learn the what’s, the whys, and the how’s, rather than just being told to do this and that so that the changes actually become permanent and not just a quick fix that leads to another failed attempt?
  • How would you like to lose weight and get to your ideal weight, stop craving and bingeing on certain foods, be stronger physically and mentally, feel great, listen to your body, have more energy, sleep better, and finally fit exercise in to your life in a way that suits you, your body, and your daily schedule… permanently?
  • Are you ready to gain all the skills necessary to change your diet, your habits, and finally feel healthy and happy in your own skin?


If you found yourself nodding along, or perhaps screaming a giant yes! at the screen, then read on.



The number one thing you need to know is that this program is not about restrictions, deprivation, or guilt. This program is going to help you explore and create your very own dream life that you (and those around you) will love.


I will help you to:


  • Take an honest and hard look at what is and is not working in your life and ways in which you can change it.
  • Set achievable goals.
  • Get you out of autopilot mode.
  • Open your mind to how, what, and why you eat.
  • Learn to listen, be kind, and be loving to yourself and improve your relationships with others.
  • Sort your stress levels out and work on areas in your life that are giving you dissatisfaction.
  • Understand how to deal with cravings, self-sabotage, and food binges and what they actually mean.
  • Learn what could be the driving force behind that weight gain or why it just won’t budge.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • Learn simple step-by-step ways to cook and prepare fast meals, nourishing meals, foods that help heal your digestive problems, plus how to handle eating out and what to eat before and after exercise.
  • Understand the energy of food.
  • Learn about seasonal changes in diet, nutrient dense foods, digestion, natural fat burning foods, good fats, salt, sugar, superfoods, veggies, protein sources, real whole foods, and grains alternatives.
  • We will even look a eating for your blood type, your metabolic type, your Ayurvedic body type, portion control, storage of your produce, food combinations (to avoid any digestive distress), sugar addiction, the acid and alkaline diet, possible health signs to look out for (like adrenal fatigue), plus loads more to make sure you are covered for now and for your lifetime when changes occur.
  • Learn to decipher tricky labels and marketing tricks at the shops and the biggest culprits to keep an eye out for.
  • Not have to calorie count or feel deprived.
  • Find balance in your life and feel amazing and energized.
  • Natural beauty and natural home cleaning methods.
  • Become inspired and educated to be the happier and healthier person you know you are desperate to become.


The Wellness Revolution Program will be an extensive food and wellness journey for you that you get to take at a pace (and in a way) that suits you and your body.

It will equip you with everything you need to know to lead a healthier and happier life in a way you haven’t tried before. No prior knowledge required.

I won’t have you eating a crazy restrictive rabbit food diet, in fact you even get to choose what to eat, although I will make some suggestions. There are no juice cleanses (although there may be a few sneaky recipes in there to try out if you choose to), no crazy workout schedules, and absolutely no starvation or stress.

For once you’ll have fun with food and exercise.

But be warned this mind and body immersion you are about to undertake may lead you to feeling amazing, enjoying life, being more loving, energetic, having glowing skin, and weight (fat) loss.



I know that change is hard, and transforming your life takes change to a whole new level. This is why I’m not going to tell you that you must complete this program in X amount of time. However, the program is designed to be completed and delivered over a 10 week period. But, you may find that this is just too quick for you and you want to absorb the information and gradually work through it at a slower pace. And that is completely fine.

This allows you time to make the changes stick, to go through and overcome the hurdles, roadblocks, and the mental demons, to learn the what’s and the whys, and to make sure you are completely and entirely set for your new life.

Now I know you’re a busy person and you don’t care for fluffing about. So I have designed this program to be set out in easy to follow, helpful, and understandable step-by-step “modules” that you work your way through each week.

This is not a race to the finish line, you are in no competition. You are living your life. Remember that, it is your life. No one else’s. So stop comparing yourself to someone else and just take this at your own pace.





  • The program is delivered online via email in week to week “modules” that detail everything you need for the week ahead. The weekly modules will contain a mix of:
    • Guides
    • Loads of ‘101’ resources
    • Shopping lists
    • Weekly tasks and checklists
    • Tasty and inspiring recipes
    • Meal plans
    • Exclusive videos and audio sources
    • Food diaries so you can sort out the what’s and the whys behind your diet and your digestive system
    • Mindfulness practices
    • Exercise advice and suggestions
    • Plus bucket loads of love, motivation, and informational resources to help guide you to make informed decisions when it comes to your health and your food choices.
  • An exclusive Facebook Group forum filled with like-minded females who will not only help and support you along the way, but allows you to make lifelong friendships worldwide. Support is essential to your success, and that’s what this little exclusive community will be here for (I will also be present in this group to support you along the way).
    • Whilst this program is more tailored to a female audience, it does not mean it is not beneficial for men to complete, however access to the Facebook group is for women only (should there be numerous males enrolled in the program I will happily open up a separate private group for you guys as well).
  • There is also personal 1:1 health coaching sessions available for an additional cost if any issues arise and you need additional help to get you through these, or if you simply want a bit more personalized guidance or support. These sessions are 50 minutes in length and are conducted via Skype. They can be a one off, or they can be as frequently as you need throughout the program to support you towards your goals. The options at the bottom allow you to purchase the program with the inclusion of 1, 3, 5, or 10 sessions (5 can be handy to touch base every fortnight throughout the program or 10 sessions allows you to touch base every week) in case you would like the extra support.



The reality is this: this will more than likely happen. Through this journey there will be times where you feel like things are getting overwhelming and you just snap and go off the rails. But I have your back and I’ve got plans in place to get you through it.



Heck no. Your body and your soul will be heavily nourished.



I understand that each of us have different morals, bodies, digestive systems, and ways of eating. So I have taken this in to account. All the food suggestions are suggestions and you get to choose what you do and what you eat. All the recipes are dairy free, sugar free, and grain/gluten free. The food options and meal plans included have options for both meat eaters and for vegans. So you do not need to worry about there not being options for you. If you have any questions just email for more clarification.



You have everything you need to start this journey. No prior knowledge or equipment necessary. Just an open and willing attitude to live the life you want and deserve.



As part of the program, there is an exclusive online Facebook group that is only accessible by the other females that are (or have previously) undertaken the Program. Your access to this group does not finish after the program. It may not seem like an integral part of the program, but this group will be filled with other females who are on a similar journey to you, who will understand your troubles, your self-doubts, and your random thoughts and feelings that your partner, children, mum, or friends just don’t understand. Because they are going through a similar journey to you. This exclusive little community will be the place to ask the questions that are bugging you, to share your challenges and gain insight and suggestions on how to overcome them, you’ll be able to share your victories, and you’ll have the opportunity to gain the support of friends worldwide. And best of all, you’ll even be able to help other like-minded females out.

If you don’t have Facebook, then I recommend you to grab a free account (even if it’s just to access the group), but if you do not want to that is completely fine. If you feel like you need extra support and help then that’s where the 1:1 coaching sessions can play an important part in getting you to your goals.



Just click on the Add to cart at the bottom of the page and your purchase will be securely processed via PayPal using your credit card or PayPal account. You will then receive an email with a link to your Introduction pack where you will gain access to the private Facebook forum to get motivated before the program commences on March 30th. If you have any questions, please email or use the Contact page.



Normally health coaching programs are worth upwards of £40 per week during a 10 week program. Combine that with the Guides, exclusive videos and audio files, mindfulness resources, exercise plans, recipes, meal plans, weekly emails, fact guides, fun sheets, tasks, Facebook support group, plus loads more additional resources, and you’d be looking at over £800 worth of content. But you will not pay anywhere near even a fraction of that because I want to make this accessible to you and I want to make life changing content available to everyone.

Because of this, the price of the program is £89 until March the 29th (with your first week being accessed and delivered to you on the 29th March for you to start on March the 30th). After this the price will increase to £109 so secure your early bird spot and grab your spot on this program at the reduced rate that works out at £8.90 per week if you complete it over 10 weeks.

If you find that it will be hard to justify this cost to yourself or to others, then place it in perspective: This small upfront cost that will lead you to living a healthier and happier life is much cheaper in comparison to the long term medical bills (and physical and mental stress) associated with leading an unhealthy life.



This program and all its content are delivered through online sources. All the juicy and exciting content will be sent to you via email for you to access, download, and print as needed.



I promise that if you put the effort in, take action, and commit to changing your life to how you want it then you will get so much more than what you’d expect out of it. You will succeed at changing your life. Permanently.

If however you purchase the program but do not put the effort in then do not expect to see magic results.

The power to change your life is up to you, and if you really want to do this, then you will, and this program will help to guide you along the way and make that journey a whole lot easier.



Refunds will only be issued after the first week has been completed. You will need to show that you have done all of the recommended tips, worksheets, and exercises that have been given to you for week one to show that you really put in all the effort, but that the program or the timing in your life just wasn’t right for you at this moment in time. You will need to inform me on day 7 via email before the 2nd week of content is released to you that you want a refund. After the 8th day, no refunds will be accepted. Remember you can go through this at your own pace and you can revisit the program at any time you please as all of the information and resources are permanently available to you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email




Select your option below to get your exclusive access and introductory pack to this life-changing program. Access to the program is delivered on March 29th 2015 for you to begin your first week of your new life on March 30th 2015. Remember, you are able to work through this comprehensive program at your own pace, and you have access to the materials for life. So, are you ready to change your body, your mind, your diet, and finally live a life you love?

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