August 17, 2015

bdayI turned 26 yesterday. But this year I didn’t cry about having a birthday.


Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and put my bigger girl panties on… but more realistically it’s because I’m simply more at peace with the way my life is unfolding (plus my emotional stability has grown exponentially since practicing yoga and meditation).


I used to fear getting older, but now I simply feel blessed to be living. Ageing is not something to fear, it is something to cherish. Every single day when we have the opportunity for another day on this earth we need to make the most of it. It is a gift.


We need to live it with love, peace, and help others wherever possible.


Plus this year, unlike too many in the past (where birthdays were spent celebrating boozing, eating nasty processed stuff, and not seeing sunlight for a few days afterwards), I got to spend it drinking kombucha instead of champagne, I chowed down on raw vegan choc coated mulberries, enjoyed healthy chips and homemade dip (spicy black bean recipe in this), blueberries, coconuts, and the tastiest and super healthy platter of goodness… all while enjoying the sunshine (with my little monster dog too!). Who says being healthy is boring?


Annndddd in the birthday gift giving spirit…. I am including all my eBooks (yes ALL!) free in the Wellness Revolution Program this week. Simple join here and I will send this awesome gift over your way.


With Love,