June 30, 2015

bnwSometimes we need a little reminder. Sometimes we need someone to tell us we  are loved, we are strong, or we are going to be okay.

You my dear, you are so very loved, strong, and capable of whatever is going on for you. Whilst sometimes you might feel differently, trust this; you are. You also have everything inside of you to deal with whatever comes your way, you just need to dig deep and utilise your qualities and continue to grow.


Whilst certain situations may seem too difficult to face, your challenge is to remove all other distractions to unlock your inner strength, focus, and deal with what is facing you. Challenges lead to personal growth and overcoming your ‘issues’ leads you to become stronger mentally (and often physically – as breaking down your mental barriers leads to greater beliefs in yourself which carries over to other areas of your life). If something can’t be changed learn to accept it, and if it can be changed to what you want, then do what you need to do to change it by breaking it down in to smaller and more achievable steps and goals.


Also stop bogging yourself down with over-productivity; stress, too much busy-ness, and overworking yourself is counterproductive. know this: TOO MUCH BUSINESS IS NOT COOL. Plus it makes your days negative and has negative effects on your physical AND mental health. This is why ‘relaxing’ is so necessary. Whilst in times of stress and overwork it seems like it is the last thing you’d want to do because you have so many other more ‘important’ things to do, there truly is nothing more important than placing you health and self-care first.


One of the easiest ways to stop overcomplicating things and be present in the here and now is by practicing mindfulness. Learn more about that here. Also make sure you take the necessary time outs every day, focus on yourself, find movement, breathe, and relax.


This is incredibly important as what you think directly affects how you feel and behave, which in turn affects how and what you eat and if (& how) you exercise for the day.


Don’t underestimate the mind-body connection in your health and wellness goals. Conquer it. Be mindful, be present, and show up in your life every day – because you are the one in charge of it. And if you need some love and support, hit me up.


With Love,