Want to know why you should work with me? Read these testimonials from some beautiful souls I have had the opportunity of working with…


“I started seeing Cat in November 2013, it is now halfway through July 2014 and I have lost over 150 centimeters from my whole body, and over 50 kilograms. Cat has been nothing but encouraging, friendly, extremely helpful and from seeing her at times nearly 5 days per week, like a best friend to me. It is never a hassle to Cat when sending her a message or text about different questions or when having a “melt down” about weight gain. Before seeing Cat I absolutely hated exercising, but since starting with Cat I absolutely love it…”

  • Ashlee, 28, Newcastle:-) NSW Australia


“Cat is honest and reliable and works and lives with integrity and accountability. Basically, she practices what she preaches. I have never been so comfortable with a trainer in my life. While the training has been very challenging and has pushed me too my limits it has always been a pleasure to do so with Cat’s encouragement. She knows when to push more and when you just need a kind word or a shoulder to blubber on. And laughs, always laughs. While I may not have lost huge numbers on the scales I have been able to see a slow but steady improvement in my measurements and most importantly my fitness and attitude towards exercise. This could not and would not have been achieved without Cat’s persistence and help… I will be hard pressed to find a trainer I can laugh with, cry to and succeed with as much as I could with Cat. 11 out of 10 for Cat Elliott.”

  • Danielle marks, 26, Newcastle NSW Australia



“I met Cat in October 2013. Since then I have not only changed my eating and exercise habits, but she has changed and moulded my mindset, not only as a person, but as a wife and mother too. She is encouraging, supportive & such a treasure to have met. I have so much faith in Cat. She knows what im capable of before I even do. Since having met cat I am a better person, wife and mum. I have learnt to love and accept myself, to be happy, to be positive, to make the right health choices, and finally to live my life. I would not be the same without her.”

  • Maxine, 29, Maitland NSW Australia



“I have never really liked working out or been proud of myself for making changes until I started working with Cat. Cat makes you feel strong, confident and comfortable whilst working with her, you always feel like her top priority no matter what. Cat has given me a new outlook on life and exercise and taught me so much. I would recomend her to anyone! Best trainer you will ever find.”

  • Jayde, 25, Newcastle NSW Australia



“Over the last few months I have started seeing myself, and my body, in a different light and I owe a big chunk of that to Cat Elliott. Since beginning my journey, Cat has shown me that punishing my body with exercise is not the way to get results. Through Cat’s coaching and friendship I have started taking a much more holistic view on my health and my training regime. Through Cat’s guidance I have FINALLY realised that rest days are just as important, if not more so, than a killer workout. Cat has helped me gain better control of my anxiety and depression over my body and the way I perceive it, I have a long way to go and I know that Cat will continue to support and guide me. Thank you Cat!”

  • Makayla, 25, Newcastle NSW Australia



“Before I met Cat I dreaded exercise, I had a gym membership which I hardly used and I thought I would never be able to stop my bad eating habits. After working with Cat for over 8 months my entire mindset towards both exercise and food has changed entirely- I actually love going to the gym now and even look forward to it! I wouldn’t be the happier, healthier and more positive person I am today without all her help!”

  • Mary-Louise,19, Newcastle NSW Australia



Over the past months I have gotten to know an amazing lady. She has changed my life, my body and my mind. At first I thought she was crazy expecting me to run and jump and do a dreaded burpee but now she has shown me how to love it. My life is not complete without what she has taught me about exercise, food and just a general healthy life. Cat has helped me to lose 20+ kgs and 3 dress sizes and to love myself again, well to start to learn to love myself. Life without her every week when she moves is going to be hard but she has taught me so much that I am proud to be able to continue my journey with her in mind.

  • Aimee, 27, Newcastle NSW Australia


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