July 31, 2014


One thing I wanted to go into today was how you view your loose skin, scars, and stretch marks, and hopefully help some of you see these marks on your body differently. This topic was on my mind after getting a message from a very lovely and beautiful woman who wanted to ask me something but was too afraid to because she feared it was crossing some sort of boundary and that I may have been offended. I’m pretty much an open book when it comes to sharing my personal experiences, and what she asked wasn’t something that I hadn’t been asked before. On the very odd occasion someone asks me if I had to have surgery for my skin or how my skin held up after losing weight. At first this question used to take me by surprise as it was never something that crossed my mind when I lost my weight, but I understand how and why this would be a terrifying thought to some. No one wants to have excess skin (and I understand that for some surgery may be an absolute necessity), and for me I was lucky that I was younger and that my skin recovered so well. It also helped that I exercised, lost the weight slowly, drank loads of water (and I mean loads), and used oils such as coconut and castor oil to help my skin retighten as best it could (I highly recommend doing this!).

Further, what I have learnt from having less than perfectly tight skin and an array of oddly placed stretch marks was that you can stare in the mirror and pick yourself apart, find flaws, think negative things, and curse away at yourself (I for one was an absolute master of this), however the negative “poor me” approach won’t get you anywhere other than going backwards and feeling like absolute crap. Sure my arms (read: chicken wings) aren’t as tight as I would like and sometimes seem a little jiggly, and my stomach isn’t as tight as it should be at my age, but what I know and what I am grateful for from my body is this: I have my body, I have my health, I have my mind, and I have a heart that beats and keeps me alive. I am grateful that I am the person that I am today and that I have had the life experiences that I have had. It took me a long time to actually appreciate how far I have come and how different I am both physically and mentally, and it is something I constantly need to remind myself of.

One memory I always have that brings me back down to earth and reminds me to appreciate my body with all its scars and stretch marks, and I hope this can instill something in you too, was when a beautiful young mother came to me and wanted to lose weight but said that no matter what she would always hate her stomach and never be happy with it. I questioned her as to why and she told me it was because it had a hideous scar (her words not mine!) and proceeded to show me a scar that ran vertically from her chest down to below her umbilicus. I asked what it was from and she explained it was from when she was cut open for a lifesaving surgery. It was at that moment that the reality and the story that is often behind scars stood out to me and I pushed this woman to see the beauty in her scar. Her scar was a result of an action that saved her life and every time she saw it she was able to be reminded that she was alive because of it. The next time I saw her she was smiling and had a beaming glow of happiness that she hadn’t had the week earlier, and she then told me how she went and got her belly button pierced so that her scar had some pretty bling. I loved the simplicity behind this and how such a simple shift in perspective changed how this woman viewed her scar not as something that disfigured her, but as something that saved her. Something that made her unique. Her view went from hate to love and it was so grounding and heartwarming to see such a simple action make such a profound difference in her life.

So my darlings, your scars, stretch marks, bad memories, and any loose skin are all proof that you are a fighter. You are a champion. You are a winner. You conquered your goals. You achieved something. You are ALIVE. Own any “flaws” and be proud of them. Because what other option is there? You chose to read this article for one reason or another, whether you have weight to lose or not. Listen to that little voice in your head that is telling you that you can do this. Because you can. You are capable of whatever you put your mind to. You just need to believe in yourself, because I believe in you. And remember you are beautiful.

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