January 19, 2017

2017. What a beautiful year you are proving to be. I’ve just spent the last month and a bit fueling myself up for this year by surrounding myself with my loved ones back home in Australia (& getting a hefty dose of solid Vitamin D before returning to the other side of the world!).


Things have been a little quiet as I have been taking some down time to reflect, set intentions, and plan so much exciting love and content for you all – there is going to be a new ebook coming out in the coming months with all new amazing vegan plant-based content and recipes to help you live a more balanced and sustainable life, a new ebook for you yogis, and one or two sneaky yoga retreats are in the planning process – so STAY TUNED!!


I’ve also changed all the prices on my website to Australian dollars (BUT paypal will automatically change to your currency and let you know before purchase) and have DISCOUNTED THEM ALL ! So if you would like to grab some wonderful heart filled and healthy goodness please have a look in the SHOP to help support my work and upcoming adventures.


For example these are a rough guide to pricing with a conversion rate estimate at present:

The Wellness Revolution 6 month program: $145 Aussie / £88 / usd 109

The 120 Cleanse (including self love and HIIT guide): $12.95 Aussie / £7.90 / usd 9.70

5 Day Detox: $5.90 Aussie / £3.60 / usd 4.45

Yoga nidra download: $0.99 Aussie / £0.60 / usd 0.75

And a few more goodies in the shop so make 2017 your year of health and wellness.


Oh and always, “If you aren’t doing what you love then you are wasting your time.”

Loving you wonderful souls, always.