March 19, 2016

12212096_10156601671040623_1831970641_nI would rather make mistakes in hopes of things turning out to be successes rather than live frozen in fear, in denial, and stuck in one mindset wondering ‘what if?’

I would rather let myself look like a complete fool, than feel like I’m not being my unique self and sharing my message.

I would rather let myself love unconditionally, than feel like I am closing myself off to life, afraid of some potential rejections that may never happen.

I would rather laugh things off and laugh at myself than sit anxiously over-analyzing everything worrying what people think (trust me I’m quite good at that).

I would rather live my life the way I want to, than feel like I need to live it how others expect in order to fit in with social norms.

I would rather choose love over fear in every moment.

I would rather see the good in everything and everyone than be scared and constantly fearful (like the news and government want).

I would rather choose compassion and kindness over judgement.

I would rather choose gratitude over expectations.

I would rather give than take.

I would rather grasp life and enjoy this experience with full devotion and try and help others see this, than live life day to day not thinking about the bigger picture like I used to.

I would rather live simply and minimally and give to others, than hoarding material items and having more than I need.

I would rather count my blessings and my self-worth in terms or friends, family, connections, experiences and the way I can make people feel than in terms of money, possessions, number of likes on posts, comparing myself to others or social ideals, a number on a scale, and labels in society.

These are my goals – every single day.

Challenge everything. Question what you are told e.g. ”fed’/distracted by what the mainstream media and news want you to know.

Don’t let things manipulate your mind – you are perfect as you are without the latest phone/dress/car/couch pillows – they will not make you feel better or more worthy in the long run!!! Think differently. Be unique. Don’t try to fit in – just fit in to your own self beliefs and your own mission and use this as your fuel in your every day life.

For the sake of humanity and the planet we all need to band together we all need to make change. We need to Be Bold. Be Conscious. Be Mindful. Be Compassionate.

We need to live our truth and we need to Live. With. Purpose.


We are all in this together.



For you goddesses in Australia – awaken your purpose and your consciousness here with me.


Namaste Loves,photosig