December 3, 2015

benddontbreak“When life’s strong winds come blowing, bend with them and let go. By bending you will become stronger in new places. By letting go you will make room for the new and better.” ~ Karen Salmansohn


This is one of the best lessons I think I have ever learnt – when things are tough, stop seeing them as something that defines you, to dictate your day or mood, or to leave you feeling broken; try to see things as an outsider and allow yourself to breathe, see it for what it is and then learn to let it go.


I know what you are probably thinking here. And yes sometimes shit gets tough.

Really tough.

But that’s part of life – how you handle it will help set you up for future experiences and help you in the long run. If you can’t change something, you need to learn to accept it for what it is, let it go, try to see the lesson, or remove the issue from your life.


Some days are shittier than others. And some days are magical.

Remember this: No one has the perfect life – regardless of what you see.

There will be ups and down, tears and smiles, days where you don’t want to get out of bed except to eat everything in sight.. but there will also be days where you wake up feeling ecstatic, want to eat healthy, nourish your body, and feel like you are able to conquer the world.


By learning to notice your habits, your triggers, and be in tune with your emotions, you can make the latter option a more frequent occurrence. By learning to self soothe through listening to your intuition, focusing on learning to let go, to see the lessons, the blessings, and allow yourself flexibility and strength within your day, especially through meditation (I cannot even quantify how much this has changed my life – I urge you to try it for a solid month, even 10 minutes a day and gradually build up to your happy amount), yoga, music, walking, or whatever your daily calming/centering/balancing go to is, you can survive whatever comes your way and remain feeling calm, your true self, clear headed and capable of seeing things for what they are – and any external support is just like a sweet cherry on top. But essentially it comes down to you and your ability to handle things (this program will also help you get there – plus the meditation focus will help you set this practice).


To open your heart, trust, give, accept, and surrender, you can get through any tough days.


Bend, don’t break my dear. 


You are loved. Especially by yourself.