THE 120 CLEANSE: the Cookbook & Clean Eating Guide Package

BUNDLE DISCOUNT – this package has so much extensive content to change your life, your body, your mind and the way you eat.

Every new day is another chance to change your life.” – Unknown

I NEED (and I want) to help you change your life today.

So ask yourself this:

Do you want to?

Lose weight: I got you covered.

Fit back in ‘those’ jeans: I got your back.

Kick the cravings that turn you into a monster: I’ve got you sorted.  

Wake up feeling abso-fricking-lutely great: you need this.

Wanna have abundant amounts of energy: I hear you loud and clear.

Eat delicious food, know how to make smoothies, know what to do to lose weight, how to make cooking easier, to understand food on a deeper level, to have a meal plan to help you get started: I put this all in there (plus so much more).


But you don’t want to:

Calorie count: I wouldn’t do that to you.

Deprive yourself: Heck I love chocolate as much as the next chick so I sorted that problem out.

Feel guilty: Been there done that – it’s not helpful so I sorted it out with this extensive 180+ page lifestyle guide.

If any of the above rings true then this is for you.

In case you haven’t realised I want you to succeed so I’ve made this resource loaded with juicy, tasty, simple, fabulously healthy good  nutritious food – with absolutely no shit food included.

Because your body deserves better than that. Plus I added my  120 HIIT Total Body Workout Plan & the Self Love Guide: 21 Day Challenge for FREE so that I know you will succeed because all bases are covered.

This is not just an eBook. It is an extensive and complete 180+ page resource guide and cookbook to help you transform your body, your mind, and your lifestyle.

This contains all the tips, tricks, & principles I personally used to lose 120 pounds & everything that I have learnt as a Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and former Psychologist that can benefit you and your health or weight loss goals. It is not just a simple “cleanse” based around restriction for a couple weeks, it is way to change your lifestyle and attitude towards food, for life.

It includes:

A cookbook with 89 real food recipes that are EASY to make – and are dairy free, gluten free, wheat free, grain free, and 95% of the recipes have vegan options.

A 14 day meal plan to help you lose weight.

clean eating guide with:

A green smoothie guide.

A super food guide.

Weight Loss Tips.

Cooking and Eating Tips and Advice.

Understanding the Fat vs Sugar Myth.

Real Food Swaps.

Pantry Staples,

and Snack Options.

PLUS the Self Love Guide & HIIT Workout Plan!



There’s breakfasts, smoothies, basics (like bread & milk), mains, desserts (so many desserts!!), sauces, spreads, & savoury goodies in your cookbook.

Absolutely everything you need to know is covered. Want a Sneak Peak?  Check this out:


To change your life right away this is an Instant Download (you will also receive an email that has a link to your downloads also) – so you can store copies on your phone, your laptop, or your iPad/tablet for easy access when you’re in the kitchen!

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What are you waiting for? Stop delaying being your best self yet – Change your life today.

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