SNACK ATTACK: healthy clean snacks to include in your diet

March 3, 2015

dsdsOne of the biggest challenges I see people face when trying to either lose or maintain their weight is knowing what and when to snack. Whilst many different diets (ehhh those dreaded things!) tell you to eat every 3 hours, another one tells you to eat only 3 meals a day. So how can this be? Remember what I have always said: you are unique (and beautiful) and your needs are different from anybody else’s. Start listening to what works for you, your body, and your gut rather than what some “diet” says.

So when it comes to snacking the easiest principle you should be following is this. Am I hungry or am I bored? If it’s the former, then include one of the snacks below (or any other healthy version you come up with that suits your body), and if it’s the latter then do something stimulating like getting outdoors for a walk or playing with a pet or reading a book. Just do something to distract those hungry hands of yours.

Even evaluate if perhaps you are thirsty rather than hungry as dehydration can often present itself as hunger – so have a glass of water and re-evaluate the situation in 15 minutes.


Clean Snacks (to stop those hands wandering to the unhealthy processed biscuits or chips):

  • Chopped veggies
  • A spoonful of nut butter (the fat really helps with keeping you full)
  • A handful of nuts or trail mix
  • A piece of fruit with a few nuts
  • A small can of tuna or salmon (wild caught and in spring water so there are no additives; whilst it is canned, it is still a better option to carry about with you for when the munchies kick in)
  • Homemade dips/pesto/nut butters and fresh chopped raw veggies (think celery, capsicum, carrot, cucumber, zucchini for on the go choices) or fruit slices or buckwheat crisps.
  • Homemade quiche or mini muffin versions of your quiche without the base – super quick and easy to make, just add veggies, herbs, and some eggs to a bowl and pour in to a muffin tray and cook for about 20 minutes until done.
  • Baked sweet potato, carrot, beetroot or parsnip, chips
  • Half a serving of a smoothie (make a little extra at brekkie to make sure you are set for later – remember maximise your kitchen time)
  • Small serving of quinoa with some homemade sauce
  • Bliss balls (really easy to cart about in your bag – some tasty recipes in here)
  • Sauerkraut with sunflower seeds
  • Homemade Banana “ice-cream”
  • Chia puddings
  • Bowl of wilted leafy greens
  • Cup of homemade soup
  • Bone broth
  • Homemade banana bread
  • Hot Cacao (2 Tbsp. cacao, 1 tsp honey, dash coconut milk, and hot water)
  • Chickpea nuts (chickpeas roasted in the oven until they turn crunchy)
  • Sliced banana topped with nut butter (popped in the freezer for 15 minutes to harden)
  • Smaller portion of leftovers


Have you got any healthy snacks you incorporate into your diet? I’d love to hear about it below.

If you are after any recipes to incorporate in to your diet check out this here.

With Love,