November 18, 2015

compareSo you’ve lost weight in the past but you’ve noticed it’s been slowly creeping back on, the jeans are getting tighter, you’re naturally avoiding wearing certain clothes (because your subconscious mind is trying to protect you knowing already they wont fit), you’ve become a fan of layers… and then before you know it the scales say 10 kilos or more has managed to creep back.


Know this: You are not alone.


This is one of the biggest things that happens with losing weight and keeping it off permanently. Fluctuations. Maintenance really can be the hardest stage of weight loss.


Sometimes our bodies fluctuate with the seasons, sometimes we loosen the ropes and allow a little of this and that to slip back in to what we eat, we go on holidays, we lower our intensity on the exercise, we may start eating foods that are loaded with chemicals or sugars which make us crave them again and again leading to unhealthy habits, perhaps we have imbalances in our hormones (if you feel this may be the case get some tests done at your doctors or speak to a naturopath in your area), or perhaps we keep eating as much as we did when we were heavier (however our bodies needs are much different now).


I have been there – numerous times. As have many of my clients. 


Remember – you are not alone. And it does not mean you are weak, or lazy, or a failure.


It simply means it’s time to re-evaluate where you are what, what your goals are, and what your body realistically can sustain – we are all built differently and our individual bodies have different levels of homeostasis (where our bodies naturally maintain a healthy balance and level of normal functioning) – so what is naturally right for someone else’s body isn’t always going to be what is right for you.


Some quick tips are this:

  1. Today is a new day. Start fresh. Don’t wait till Monday, next week, next month, start now. Start eating better at your next meal. There is no better time than the present.
  2. Start a food diary. Even for a couple weeks – whilst this might be a pain to do and tedious writing down everything that goes in your gob, its a great way to actually see what you eat, when you eat it, and how you feel after eating it so you can sort out your habits stat!
  3. Find movement you love. There is no point doing something that makes you unhappy so find a way to move your body that makes you smile. Think outside the box – it may be kayaking, rowing, dancing, martial arts, frisbeeing with the dog, or yoga – you will often find free classes, facebook groups, or meetup groups in your local area (check out to see what free activities are around you – plus its a great way to find new friends and support systems – accountability is key and having someone else to keep you on track is also highly beneficial). Also don’t try to overcommit and change everything at once – make small changes gradually to avoiding that overwhelmed feeling where you want to give up.
  4. Start a motivation board and place it somewhere you see daily. Collect images, quotes, pictures, or somewhere you want to go that will drive you to succeed and get back to your happy healthy self.
  5. Stop seeing it as a number game. The goal of weight loss should not be to weigh ‘X.’ It should be a journey towards a destination of where you feel happy, free, at ease, and able to enjoy your life as much as possible without any physical (or mental) restrictions you place on yourself (e.g. for me it was always missing out on swimming because I never felt confident in a swimsuit).
  6. The obvious ones here: drink water and try to avoid eating processed junk food (if it comes in a package or you cant even decipher the ingredient list – avoid it). Your body deserves the best. Also, where possible drink lemon and hot water first thing of a morning to help kick start your livers ability to flush out toxins (check out this blog).
  7. Do what you can to avoid stress. Stress leads to increased levels of cortisol in your body (the stress hormone). Studies have shown that excess cortisol has been linked to excess fat (especially around our midsections) – so go get that massage, curl up with a good book, have an Epsom salt bath, do some yoga, meditate… just do whatever you need to do to keep your body feel happy and healthy (and in return your body will get you to where it needs to be).
  8. Stop being so hard on yourself. Things happen. Life has hurdles. Our bodies natural fluctuate. Sometimes we fall out of habits – sometimes because of impossible expectations (check out this blog). Simply treat you body as best you can and see it as the beautiful temple that it is and nourish it accordingly – you will get to where you want to be.


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Love and Light,