January 24, 2015


I love gettin’ a little bit silly and feeling carefree. Dancing about the house is one of those things that tops the list for making me feel this way. Whilst I think dancing is one of my top skills, some would say I’m not very good. In fact, I kinda look like a five year old waving my arms to the Macarena whilst incorporating MC Hammer style dance skills with the other half of my body. Got an image right? I’m a sexy dancer. 


So where on earth am I heading with this?? A day dedicated to being me.


Sunday’s are my day. A day out in the week to be me, minus any worries, minus any work talk, minus any expectations, and minus any self-criticism/guilt. I let myself do what I want and when I want. And yes, dancing like a goddess and singing well and truly in tune, with my earphones in (because some people don’t like some of my awesome music tastes) is one of these things.


I also let myself sleep in, or get up ridiculously early if I want – Because it’s my one day where I make sure I put my needs first without feeling guilty or obliged to do something else.


I also let myself choose to exercise or not. And usually my favourite exercise of a Sunday is a nice long walk with my dog.


I consciously choose to eat well and nourish myself with delicious food (because if I didn’t I’d feel shit and not have enough energy for my dance fest), detox if the week’s been hectic, get outdoors and have some fun, meditate, read a book, daydream, and have loads of cups of herbal tea.


On weeks when Sundays are out of the question (which I reaaaallllyyy try and not let happen, but lets be realistic sometimes stuff happens), Sunday becomes Monday…BUT I make sure each week I have a day dedicated to me so that I can have some precious alone time. Because if I didn’t it wouldn’t feel right to take on the week ahead.


Whilst this might seem selfish to some, by taking time out and dedicating it to you and you alone, you allow yourself to show up and be more present in your life for those in whom you support (be it kids, a partner, husband, wife, work, or friends). To give yourself permission to do what you want is NOT selfish (get rid of this thinking!!!) – instead it is nourishing and necessary and something you damn well deserve.


So what about you? Do you have any rituals? Have you dedicated an entire day (or a few hours even) to just be fabulously you? Perhaps this week will be a turning point for you. Let me know!

With Love,