December 18, 2014

New folder2One of the biggest misconceptions about eating healthy is that you have to eat bland food and you have to miss out on old favourites – this is not the case. I’m a food lover, and tasty delicious food is super important to me, hence why I do not want your taste buds missing out – which I promise you they won’t be (in fact they’ll even be happier for these changes!). Below are some options for simple healthy swaps to open your eyes up to real food alternatives to some old standard “foods” BUT these healthy versions are GUILT FREE and will have you feeling better, sleeping better, and don’t mess about with your emotions/hormones as you aren’t on some crazy sugar chemical artificial rush (or worse – going crazy from feeling deprived!!).

Swap the foods on the left for the foods on the right and you are on the right path to be making healthy choices on a daily basis!


Sugar/Sweeteners FOR: Raw Honey, Maple Syrup, Coconut Sugar & Nectar, Stevia Leaf, Lucuma Powder, Bee Pollen, Dates, real apple juice/pureed apples, or ripe bananas


Ice-cream FOR: Frozen fruits pureed and banana ice-cream style desserts



Salt FOR: non-iodized sea salt and Himalayan rock salt


Chocolate and chocolate sauces FOR: Cacao powder, cacao nibs, Raw chocolate made without sugar and dairy but with raw honey or maple syrup, cacao, and coconut oil (like these below, get the recipe here)


Flour FOR: almond meal/ground almonds, buckwheat flour, coconut flour, Linseed Almond Mix (LSA), or Quinoa Flour


Bread FOR: Grain free versions of bread made with buckwheat groats, coconut flour, or almond flour



Bread based wraps FOR: cabbage/silverbeet spinach/lettuce/kale leaves



Breadcrumbs FOR: LSA, Almond meal, Blend of spices with Almond meal & Coconut flour and Crushed nuts


Pizza FOR: REAL PIZZA made with a buckwheat or cauliflower base and topped with tomato paste, crushed garlic and herbs for sauce and whatever simple toppings you have.


Cheese FOR: Nut cheeses made into a cream cheese like consistency or parmesan cheese style (like these below, get the recipe here)



Vegetable and Processed Oils and Margarine Spreads FOR: coconut oil, olive oil, and nut butters and avocados mashed to use as a spread.


Cheesecakes, desserts, brownies, cookies etc FOR: Raw desserts, chia puddings, real food based desserts.



Cream and whipped cream FOR: Coconut cream and whipped coconut cream



Milkshakes FOR: healthy “milk shakes” made with coconut/or nut milks, green smoothies made with bananas, greens and tasty healthy add ins.

choc gold


Yogurt FOR: coconut yogurt sweetened with fresh fruit or honey


Breakfast Cereals and Porridge FOR: homemade granola made with seeds, nuts, and chopped dried fruit, chia puddings, and homemade quinoa porridge (like these below, get the recipe here)



Soda/Fizzy drinks FOR: water with freshly squeezed fruit, kombucha, homemade fruit and veggie juices and smoothies


Spaghetti, Pasta, and Rice FOR: zucchini spirals, kojnac noodles, quinoa, buckwheat groats, and cauliflower rice.



Sports Drinks FOR: Coconut water (loaded with natural electrolytes!!!)


Store Bought Sauces and Dips FOR: Homemade sauces and dips, soups made with less water into a dip (like these below, get the recipe here)



Milk FOR: Nut milks and coconut milk


Takeaway FOR: homemade healthy (and even more delicious) versions!

chick pad thai


Store Bought Stock FOR: homemade bone broth or veggie soup



White Vinegar FOR: Apple Cider Vinegar


Convenient Snack “Food” FOR: Real homemade snacks like kale chips, sweet potato chips, salt and vinegar chickpea nuts (like salt n vinegar nuts but healthier and additive free!), small serving of leftovers, trail mix, handful of nuts, chia puddings, piece of fruit with some nut butter, piece of lean meat, and sliced veggies with homemade dips.



Not so bad huh? Eating healthy REAL food is so much better than eating artificial junk. Let’s create a revolution and get back to basics – deprivation and GUILT FREE!!!


Got a comment or a healthy swap you make? I’d love to hear it – leave a comment below.


PS. all the pictures and recipes are included in the 120 Cleanse Package, check it out here.

With Love,