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February 7, 2017

The Salt n’ Vinegar flavour combo takes me back to my childhood. Endless packets of chips (well ‘crisps’ if you’re over here in the UK too) and salt n’ vinegar nuts that have the sweet, sour, salty combo paired with crunch – fortunately I’ve mastered this combo along with making this snack healthy and high in fibre and protein. This healthy alternative to salt n vinegar peanuts (and chip cravings) comes without the nasty oils, the processed salt, the sugar, and the vinegar flavourings which contain too many numbers and chemical. When you eat well, you feel well – everything you put in to your body acts as your fuel and your building blocks, so why not Continue reading “SALT N’ VINEGAR CHICKPEA NUTS” »

SNACK ATTACK: healthy clean snacks to include in your diet

March 3, 2015

dsdsOne of the biggest challenges I see people face when trying to either lose or maintain their weight is knowing what and when to snack. Whilst many different diets (ehhh those dreaded things!) tell you to eat every 3 hours, another one tells you to eat only 3 meals a day. So how can this be? Remember what I have always said: you are unique (and beautiful) and your needs are different from anybody else’s. Start listening to what works for you, your body, and your gut rather than what some “diet” says. Continue reading “SNACK ATTACK: healthy clean snacks to include in your diet” »