October 8, 2014

heal yourselfA few years ago losing weight and finding health and happiness was on the top of my to do list. It was all I could focus on. I read and read and read. I googled. I emailed. I studied. I watched documentary after documentary till I had no more to watch. I spoke with anyone and everyone I could, trying to find out what would make ME healthy and happy! I sought out alternative therapies and medicinal practices. I wanted the shortcut. The quick fix. The magic tricks. I was spending so much money trying the latest supplements, herbal remedies, concoctions, promised fixes, and seeking help in order to obtain this divine status of health and happiness. I was allowing other people to tell me what to do for MY body.



My body (and perhaps my subconscious) is way more stubborn than that. It has this ego of having to do things itself (sometimes to my detriment). It likes to pace itself and bring me back down to earth at times when I get impatient (especially the second day I decided to change my life and lose weight I was surprised to wake up and see that I hadn’t magically lost it all overnight). Cheeky bugger that body is.


What I learnt is that there are no shortcuts (but there are some ways to make it easier) and that I had to stop looking for external sources to automatically provide me a solution and diagnose me as healthy and happy. I had to put the hard work in. The work was to be done INTERNALLY, rather than designated to an EXTERNAL source. Admittedly, at the time it felt like a bit of a let down that there were no ways in which I could bypass all the hard work.


But, alas, it was not that simple, and in fact the journey was one of the most liberating, interesting, and self-exploratory experiences that I wouldn’t trade for anything, and I urge you to enjoy and endure it. Start seeing things as happening for you, not to you. Learn to grow from your challenges.


I used all the help and advice that I had gained from my soul searching race to health and happiness and put it in to practice for what felt right for my body. I researched hundreds of different ways of eating, what to eat, when to eat, how to exercise, when to exercise, meditation, yoga, oil pulling, smoothies, juicing, fasting, colonics, self-love, sleep patterns, stress reduction, you name it and I’ve probably tried it or researched it to see if it worked for me.


I practiced and challenged myself to open my mind to new foods, new experiences and new habits. I learnt to deal with the criticism and judgement from those around me when they didn’t quite get what I was on about, or when they thought I was crazy or off on another planet. I became confident in my choices and sticking by them because they felt right for me and made me happy (and healthy as a result of that). And over time I narrowed it down to what works for me and my body. This even changes depending on the day, the season, my mood, my surroundings. This is where intuition comes in to it. Listening to your body and your mind and giving it what it needs. No one way of eating or living works for everyone. You are an individual, as am I, with individual needs. What you need is not what I need, nor is it what your friend, sister, husband, mother, brother, or neighbour needs.





Now I’m not saying that since I healed myself that I am no longer learning and growing and working on this. I am. And I love that this is a lifelong journey not just a few weeks, months, or even days. Every single day I make the conscious decision to continue on my healing journey.  As the saying goes:




You have the power to heal yourself if YOU truly decide to. If you put the hard work in. If you really want to become better, you can. You know your body better than anybody else. You are the expert when it comes to living YOUR life. I urge you to start the journey in trusting your own judgements when it comes to you. No-one else is more knowledgeable about how you should live your life than you are. Find what makes your body sing and shine and be beaming with love and happiness and health.


If you need help, advice, or individualised health or food coaching plans to help guide you, I’m here for you. I’ve lived through it and came beaming out the other side and would love to coach you through your journey.


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WIth Love,